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U.K. Association of Professional Polygraph Examiners

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Our Standards

Every member of our association has been formally trained by an accredited and internationally recognised training provider. Members are required to undergo annual continual professional development training to make sure that they are at the cutting edge of latest developments in polygraph science.


Training programmes are provided annually to maintain the examiners skills and to study new techniques and developments after which examiners are required to sit and pass a written and practical examination.

Expert Examiner

Our Mission

Membership of the U.K. Professional Polygraph Association (UKPPA) is the Gold Standard that both helps and assists professionals in their career development and continual professional development and serves to protect the public by only offering membership to professionally trained, accredited examiners who have committed to maintaining the high standards of the polygraph profession.


Protecting the people we serve

The UKPPA protects the public and prospective clients by vetting each applicant member, requiring each member to evidence they are of good standing by providing DBS certification at the time of application and then annually on renewal of the examiners registration.

The association also manages, mediates and investigates complaints by the public against any member examiner and publishes the outcome on our members page.

Members of the public often contact polygraph examiners when they are in a traumatic time in their lives. Receiving the care of a professionally trained and supervised examiner can be a minefield with little or no guarantee of the examiners qualifications, past experience or motives for providing the service. If you are considering contacting any professional polygraph examiner in the U.K. then please spend a minute to verify their membership thereby helping you to safeguard yourself, your money and potentially your future.